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"The only thing that seems abstract on our Solutions it's called Digital Decoration !"
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Innovative Digital Multimedia Scenarios Broadcast, On-Site Exhibition and related Projection


Benefiting from OR2 innovative and exclusive broadcasting means and through internet capacities, no matter in home, on the office or anywhere else, you can now enhance the decoration of any space with dynamic multimedia scenarios which also allows to leverage the promotion of your business, products and services.


Through exciting, alluring and appealing screen displays, it's found the key to achieve an optimized marketing success. Gradually organized in conformity with each business strategy, it's allowed to add extended promotional messages wisely distributed between smooth multimedia scenarios, as dynamic decorative motives.


From already implemented self-service cloud based systems strictly elaborated for entertainment and home decoration to an yearly agreement based on monthly hours to use, commerce stores, business offices, related receptions and lobbies can easily benefit from OR2 personalized services in conformity with the related needs.



With years of experience on digital Multimedia Scenarios broadcast and related projection for home decoration and entertainment places, OR2 is extending the range of services to Commerce Stores, Business Offices Receptions & Lobbies which might well require extra decorative arguments while being able to better exhibiting the related products and services.
Getting evident extra exposure and attention if having a proper Multimedia Online Stream.

As we recommend, also broadcasted on each client’s own corporate or ecommerce website (which can be linked to a special broadcasting page that we can also produce), the implemented Multimedia Online Stream can easily promote products, services or even being wisely used as an educational mean to elucidate or instruct clients without the hassle of possessing relevant human resources... Expanding the Business promotion everywhere !!!

Dependable of the solution that your business requires, as suggested by recent needs of exploring social media capabilities and related online brand awareness, the enhancement of the related marketing potential through OR2 innovative multimedia features and exclusive broadcasting means will inevitably lead to surpass actual technological barriers while helping to positioning your business ahead concurrent efforts.

We are offering spots on the next generation of media tools and means that, still restricted or with expensive costs, can serious make all the difference when promoting your business not only on any social network and all over the internet but also on your office reception or any of your stores and delegations through strategically placed screens and wall projectors.
Respecting your Business traditional image and values with the use of modern technology.

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.


Broadcasted via Internet to Your Office, Reception and Lobbie, to all Your Stores & Delegations or even to Your Clients & Suppliers


Did You Ever Imagined on Having Your Own Media Imperium ? 
After all, it's Your Business Information, Image & Branding.

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Besides OR2 own decorative scenarios and ready-made templates (Click Here to know more), our Clients can chose contents from vast and reputable external databases :

92,962 Stock Videos
6,041+ AE Templates

OR2 works with Envato databases, allowing to chose videos, graphics, audio tracks and after effects templates that can be used on any featured production.

Click Here to consult thousands of After Effects Templates.

325,000+ Videos
10,000+ AE Templates

OR2 works also with Videoblocks databases, allowing to chose videos and after effects templates that can be used on any featured production.

Click Here to consult thousands of After Effects Templates.

StockoCity Stock
33,000+ HD videos

StockoCity 1 and 2 is a vast Collection of 33,000+ HD stock videos searchable via categories, including thousands of HD Videos with 4K Video Footage and Video Backgrounds.

StockNation Stock
25,000+ HD Videos

This is a Collection of 25,000+ Premium Full HD Videos and backgrounds loops searchable by category.
The access to this video database is restricted by password and for restrict use of OR2.  


Here's a collection of some of the featured examples for business
promotion wich includes subliminal decorative motives :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Ideal for branding via social networks and live events, to feature special products or services on a corporative website or to blend on any office reception or lobby as the recommended business reference with decorative motives.


Here's a Collection of short video loops for business branding and products promotion also with decorative motives :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Ideal for presentation of products or services, these kind of decorative spots suits to provide a proper branding between fillers where all texts and video loops can be substituted per request.


Here's another collection but with long decorative scenarios mixed to provide a complementary environment between any commercial messages and related business branding :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Allowing to take advantage of the related attractive essence for business oriented purposes, these unique templates are properly mixed to provide a pleasant atmosphere with alluring and appealing motives & arguments.


Step-by-Step Agreement Guidelines :

Request a Business Proposal...

After consulting the several service options and solutions here explained and by having a good notion of what OR2 is turning available for your business, you should request a proper meeting with any OR2 Agency or country representation. In case of not finding any, you can contact OR2 via our private chat system, send this form or send an email to

Personalized Solution...

As explained, because any client presents a different case and for the reason of supplying personalized services and solutions, OR2 will need to know the digital maturity level of the related business as well as what factors might simplify or complicate the required implementation. For this purpose, you should try to gather the required information for answering several relevant questions through our simplified form.

Approvance & Agreement...

Essential for the definition of eventual limits, extra options and required services, OR2 should deliver a personalized proposal with the objective of establishing the ground for the subsequent steps. Based on the information supplied, after being clarified all points and having a good notion of what should be implemented, the Client can formalize the explained agreement by proceeding with the first monthly payment, turning it active and valid for one year.
Click Here to Consult our standard pricing options...

For Your reference, we have prepared a simple overview of all alternatives, well organized by three distinct Solutions, with several more addons, based on a yearly agreement composed by smooth monthly payments...


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